SANEMUS supports a biotech start-up in fundraising. The start-up focusses on diabetic complications and is currently developing the first causal, anti-infalmmatory treatment of diabetic nephropathy. 

If you are interested in an investment, please contact us. 


Dr. Michael Thiel publishes Part III of the three-part series on venture capital in the German life-science-industry for the journal pharmind. The focus is on the consideration of institutional venture-capital-funds, which are the largest and most important investors for life science start-ups. An overview of selected European and German life science venture-capital-funds should clarify the backlog for venture capital in Germany. Finally, the investment strategies of the funds and investment opportunities for interested investors are presented.

You can find the whole article here  (German-language link)

Dr. Michael Thiel published the second part of the three-part series on venture capital in the German life-science-industry. The article focuses on the role of life-science-corporate-venture-fonds for the innovation strategy of pharma and biotechnology companies. Moreover the motivation of corporate-venture-fonds for their investments and the differences in contrast to institutional venture-capital-fonds are discussed.

You can find the whole article here → (German-language link)

SANEMUS supports a German biotech start-up in searching venture capital. With its innovative, patented compound, the company offers a completely new therapeutic approach for the treatment of HIV patients who are resistant to therapy. Initial talks with institutional VCs have already been started. If you are interested in participating, please contact us. 

SANEMUS supports a telemedicine start-up in fundraising. The start-up has developed a telemedicine system for the adjustment of medication of Parkinson’s Disease patients at home. After a successful test phase in inpatient and outpatient care, the market launch of the system in Germany is scheduled for autumn 2018. First talks with potential investors are being held. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

SANEMUS has a new board of directors. Chairman is Dr. Theo Trucksaess assisted by Dr. Dr. Michael Dahm and Bernd Seibel. 

Dr. Theo Trucksaess is European Partner of Shentou Investment Co. Ltd. Dr. Dr. Michael Dahm is CMO of ORYX GmbH & Co. KG. Bernd Seibel, former General Partner at TVM, is investing as Business Angel in different Life Science companies.

The SANEMUS team welcomes the new members of the board of directors and is looking forward to the cooperation!

In the cover story of the latest issue of Life Sciences Platform, “Biotechnology 2017”, Dr. Thiel gives an overview of the development of the life science industry in the current year.

Many doubts were raised trough electioneering in the US in 2016,  but meanwhile the optimism in the growth of the life science market is back. Amongst other things, the end of the discussion about a regulation of drug pricing in the US and the abandon of plans for a health care and corporate tax reform, resulted in positive impulses at the stock exchange.

You can read the whole article here→  (German-language link)


SANEMUS is supporting a diagnostics start-up focused on the identification and characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTC) in finding new investors. The start-up has developed a patent-protected innovative diagnostic system, which is able to identify all CTCs with higher sensitivity and specificity and faster throughput compared to current systems on the market. The address of first VCs  has occured, talks with interested parties are on-going to close the Series A in Q1/Q2 2018. If you are interested in participating, please contact us. 

The SANEMUS team supervises a biotech start-up in attracting venture capital, which has developed a proprietary technology platform for the encapsulation of nucleid acids (siRNA, mRNA) as well as low molecular compounds. The goal is the development of new RNA drugs in cancer therapy and the therapy of genetic defects. Talks are currently taking place with institutional VCs. The goal ist the closing of Series A round in Q1/Q2 2018. If you are interested in participating, please contact us. 

A German family office in the field of plant manufacturing has again invested tens of millions in an European Life Science VC fund on the recommendation of SANEMUS AG. At that time, SANEMUS prepared an overview of the healthcare market with its investment opportunities for the family office, which was the basis for the investment decision of the family office. If you are interested in participating in a Life Science VC fund, please contact us.