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German biotechnology start-ups 2020 – status and perspectives

In the article “German Biotechnology Start-ups 2020 – Status and Perspectives” by Dr. Michael Thiel, the status of German biotechnology in 2020 is presented on the one hand, and on the other hand the article aims to provide food for thought on what should change in the future to make Germany more attractive as a […]

Dr. Michael Thiel at the expert consultation day Fundraising

On October 22nd, Dr. Michael Thiel will give feedback as an expert at the Fundraising Day of Forum MedTech Pharma e.V. Life Science Start Ups on the optimization of the business plan, P/L, cash flow planning, optimization of the fundraising strategy and, if necessary, the addition to the investor list. Life Science Start Ups from […]

Sonja Terszowski as a reviewer for the business plan competition medical economy

Sonja Terszowski is a reviewer in this year’s business plan competition for the medical industry. Here, innovative business ideas from the medical and healthcare industry have the chance to put their medical business concepts in a future-proof starting position. The aim of the competition is to promote the establishment and settlement of innovative companies in […]

GNA Biosolutions developing system for rapid Covid-19 testing

The Munich-based company GNA Biosolutions, which was already supported by SANEMUS AG in the Series C financing round in August 2019, has developed a particularly rapid Covid-19 test, which is to be launched on the market in June at the latest. The GNA Covid-19 system will consist of a portable testing device which can detect […]

SANEMUS as sponsor of the 42nd Benediktbeurer Management Talks on 11 October 2019

The theme for 11th October 2019 is “Corporate Governance – Who controls the supervisory board?“ Ideas and inspiration will be provided by Daniela Bergdolt, Vice President of Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz e.V., Düsseldorf, and Prälat Dr. Lorenz Wolf, Chairman of the Chairman’s Conference of the Boards (Supervisory Board) of ARD, Munich. In addition, Dr. Joachim […]

Venture capital in the German life-science-industry – part 3: Institutional venture-capital-funds in the life-science-sector – investment strategies and investment opportunities

Dr. Michael Thiel publishes Part III of the three-part series on venture capital in the German life-science-industry for the journal pharmind. The focus is on the consideration of institutional venture-capital-funds, which are the largest and most important investors for life science start-ups. An overview of selected European and German life science venture-capital-funds should clarify the […]

Venture capital in the German life-science-industry – part 2: Role of life-science-corporate-venture-fonds in innovation strategy of pharma-/biotechnology companies

Dr. Michael Thiel published the second part of the three-part series on venture capital in the German life-science-industry. The article focuses on the role of life-science-corporate-venture-fonds for the innovation strategy of pharma and biotechnology companies. Moreover the motivation of corporate-venture-fonds for their investments and the differences in contrast to institutional venture-capital-fonds are discussed. You can […]

New treatment option for cART-resistant HIV patients

SANEMUS supports a German biotech start-up in searching venture capital. With its innovative, patented compound, the company offers a completely new therapeutic approach for the treatment of HIV patients who are resistant to therapy. Initial talks with institutional VCs have already been started. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.